Monday, November 14, 2005

Prayer Request - Amanda Griffin

This was forwarded to me by my sister-in-law, Rosemary. Please take the
time to read it and pray for this young lady and her family. God bless!


>> This is a pray request for a young girl at Red Oak Baptist
>> Church, who needs the prayers of all, who are willing as Christians, to
>> pray
>> diligently for her. I hope you will send this to your friends and ask
>> them
>> to help this young girl with your prayers.
>> Her name is Amanda Griffin. Here are a few things about Amanda.
>> She's the Daughter of Pat and Melinda Griffin of the Red Oak Community
>> near
>> Rocky Mount, NC She's 12 years old.
>> She attends Red Oak Middle School - 7th Grade
>> An academic leader in her classes
>> Very Athletic - Basketball and Volleyball
>> A strong Christian - she leads weekly Praise and Worship at the FCA
>> (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) meetings
>> (Wednesdays @ 7 AM)
>> She's a Member of Red Oak Baptist Church
>> For the last few months, Amanda has been feeling weak and experiencing a
>> lack of energy. Her local doctors were
>> baffled, thinking it was an iron deficiency. Long story short, Amanda
>> was
>> diagnosed Monday at Duke with Cancer. She has a mass on her heart. She
>> goes
>> back to Duke Friday to learn of the type of Cancer involved and possibly
>> proceed then with treatments.
>> This young lady is an awesome person. She lights up a room. She does,
>> however, need your prayers. Please send this information to as many
>> people
>> as you can and ask them to PLEASE PRAY for Amanda to receive a Miraculous
>> Healing from the LORD.
>> This young lady and her family truly love the LORD and would surely give
>> GOD
>> the glory for the healing. Let's Claim it now in the Precious Name of our
>> Savior, Jesus Christ.

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