Saturday, February 24, 2007

A few IMPORTANT things (from Stephanie)

My CDs are finally ready! Sorry it's been almost a month past the projected release date, but I think God was trying to teach me patience ;-)

You can go to to listen to a few of the songs. Those of you who still want to buy one....get with me!!

My friend, David, who produced the CDs did a marvelous job and I am very excited about these CDs. I feel like I have really accomplished something. And I am very proud of the work David and I did on these CDs. Anyone interested in booking David's studio for recording time or for a photo shoot, go to .

Please remember to keep praying for Kristy Howard. I went to see her in the hospital this evening and she is in a lot of pain and having a really hard time of it. So she is not out of the woods yet, and she seriously needs your prayers. God can do what the doctor's can't!! And because she is my friend, I am depending on all of you to call out her name to God to help her get better. Please just keep praying!!

And speaking of praying.....I got a wonderful praise report about little Kayla (my sister-in-law's granddaughter). She went to the doctor this week and the skin graft was 100% successful!!! They said everything looked GREAT. And according to the doctor's report it was 3rd degree burns, not 2nd as we had originally thought. So I know it was all those prayers that worked!! The doctors did what they had to do, but God was the one who healed her hand! Please continue to remember her in your prayers and don't forget to thank God for what He has done (AND what He is GOING TO DO!!!).

And, on a final note, don't forget that family portraits are being made at my church, Lighthouse Chapel, tomorrow (Saturday) from 10am to 8pm. Sitting fee is $9.95 and you get a free 11x14 cardboard-backed portrait. So stop by and see me tomorrow and have your picture made!! (I will also have my CDs there with me if any of you want to pick one up!). To get to Lighthouse Chapel take Burch Bridge road until you get to Burch Bridge Cafe and turn onto St. Regis Drive which is directly in front of the cafe. Lighthouse Chapel is right there on the right after you turn onto St. Regis. It is a white church and the sign out front still says "St. Regis Chapel" but that is us! Hope to see you all tomorrow. I love you!

(Don't forget about those prayer requests!)


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