Thursday, June 23, 2005

I'm still here ;-)

I haven't written in a long time. I know it seems like every time I say that, I follow it with "there has been so much going on", but it is really the truth. We have been doing various fundraisers for the church and having a ball doing them. I absolutely loved the auction and cakewalk. I just love doing something for the Lord, and I love being around my church family. So between that and my family and my job, sometimes I don't have time to get on the computer anymore. My friend Crystal is learning alot about websites so I will probably enlist her to help me with the church website some if she wants to. Just so it will always be up to date. She has a blog at that I enjoy reading so much. And she had a post on there tonight about some of her favorite memories. So it gave me the idea to do something like that on my blog. God has been so good to me and blessed me with so many people that I love dearly. So of course I will not be able to list everything all at once, but maybe I can put a few on here at a time. So if you read this and don't see your name, don't be upset!!!! Because these are in no particular order LOL. So here are some of MY favorite memories...

My Mom, Geraldine - I remember one time when I was about 14 we lived on South Main St. in Graham and Mama had went out to feed the dog and she dipped the scoop in this huge bag of dog food we kept on the back steps. She pulled out a scoop of dog food and the bag started MOVING!!! All of a sudden a huge wharf rat came running out of the bag. Mama screamed so loud I bet people blocks away heard it!! It is funny now, looking back on it, but at the time it kind of surprised me because my Mama has always seemed so strong, I believe that is the first time I had ever seen her really scared of anything.

My brother, Brian - Brian is my baby brother and although he is only 18, he is so very talented. And everyone is always in awe of his musical talent because he can play any instrument he puts his hands on. But one of my favorite memories of Brian is a pretty recent one. It was the first night I did the show at the Majestic Theater and afterward all the cast had to stand outside and shake hands with the people as they came out. And Brian came up to me and he just had this big smile on his face because he was so proud of me. You could just see it all over him. He hugged me, and then he stepped back and shook his head and then he grabbed me and hugged me again! LOL! He couldn't even say anything! It was funny. But you know, that meant more to me than all the applause and cheers because you could just see that he was so proud of me. And I am used to it being the other way around, because I am so very proud of him!

My brother, Matt - My brother Matt is the middle child and he has always been such a cut up and a clown. He always keeps everyone laughing. I remember he went to New York with his class when he was about 14 or 15 and we were videoing him at the house that morning and then at the airport before he got on the plane. Well, Matt starts doing impressions and he is imitating the Klump family from The Nutty Professor. It was just hilarious. Then we were kind of filming the airport and honest to goodness, this man walks by that looks exactly like Sherman Klump. It was just so funny. Matt hasn't changed any either. He is 24 now and a police officer with UNC and I am very proud of all he has accomplished too. But he will always be our family comedian!!

My Dad, William - When I was in high school my Dad used to take us to school in the mornings. One morning we were going to school and somebody had put some stuff out at the road for a yard sale or something and Daddy saw it and was looking at it. Well he evidently got so interested in it that he had turned his head all the way around and the car just ran right off the side of the road. I was yelling "Daddy!!" and he turned back around and jerked the wheel and got the car back on the road and he just said "I've got it!" and kept on driving. He was just as calm even though he had scared the sense out of me and my brother Matt!! It's funny now though!

My Stepdad, Matt - My mom just got remarried on September 24, 2004 (yes she has a son named Matt, and now a husband named Matt too!! LOL). My stepdad is very quiet and doesn't say much even to us. He is just a quiet shy person. So he doesn't show a lot of emotion. But on my birthday this year he and my mom went to WalMart to pick up my birthday cake and the lady at the register said "Oh, someone is having a birthday!" and my stepdad said "Yes, it's my daughter's birthday." That just meant so much to me because he didn't have to say that. He could have said his stepdaughter, but obviously he feels like I am his real daughter. He doesn't even know that my mom told me. But that meant the world to me.

Well, that is my immediate family except for my kids and I would have to write a page a piece for them because they have given me so many wonderful memories. They are my life. But I also have grandparents, a sister-in-law, a nephew, and my many, many wonderful friends, so there will be more to come. But until next time, be blessed.......


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