Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Another cool website

I have GOT to get in bed, because it is late and I have to work tomorrow, but.....
My brother's girlfriend, Alyse, sent me the link to this website and I looked at it and thought it was really cool.  My heart is burdened for young people (especially pre-teens, and teens) and I hope that someday, through something I say or do, I might help at least one young person to not travel the same roads I traveled (away from God).  I want young people to know that serving God is not easy at any age, but it has so many rewards.  Most teenagers think that being a Christian isn't "cool" or that they can't have any "fun".  I hope to change those misconceptions - one person at a time.  Anyway, this site is directed toward young people with a "goth" image that also serve the Lord.  I think young people (of all ages - 8 to 80!!) will find this site interesting and you might even be able to use something on the site to minister to someone else, which should be the desire of each and every one of us.  So here's the link:
I hope you enjoy and find it enjoyable and enlightening.  Until next time, be blessed........

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