Friday, August 05, 2005

a very special prayer request

I have a dear close friend that desperately needs your prayers.  She is going through a situation in her life and she is so confused that she just doesn't know what to do.  The Bible plainly tells us that the devil is the author of all confusion.  But sometimes it is so hard to see the right answer when satan is throwing so many things at you.  I'm sorry for being so vague but the situation is extremely touchy.  I am praying very hard about this matter and I ask that you agree with me in prayer.  God knows the situation and He will have to be the one to work it out.  My friend is seriously depressed and really needs a miracle.  Please help me pray that God will send that miracle.  He is always right on time, so I am claiming it as done right now, in Jesus' name!  Thank you in advance for your prayers.
Until next time, be blessed........

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