Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Fw: WALMART (we just went there last night)

Please read happened right here in Burlington......



One of our employees here at Labcorp. Her daughter went to Walmart
Saturday night, when she was going to her car, a lady fell at the back
of her car. She through her pocketbook and bags in the car and stepped
back to help her, she was just lying on the pavement. When she got to
her she looked up and saw two other girls running towards her, it
her so she jumped back in her car. There was a man beside of her in
another car, she rolled down her window and ask if he would help. He
just yelled at them and said we are calling 911, all three took off
running, ( YES EVEN THE ONE WHO HAD FELL ) so please if you go to
Walmart and someone falls behind your car and seems to be hurt, just
tell them you will call 911 or run over them. Nothing seems to amaze
anymore, but at Christmas time they seem to fall out of the sky.

This was at Walmart on Garden Road.

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