Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Chris Benoit murder/suicide

Last night, upon hearing about the deaths of Chris Benoit (professional wrestler), his wife Nancy, and his 7 year old son Daniel, I put out a bulletin and posted a memorial tag on my profile (on MySpace) that said basically "RIP Chris Benoit...we love you".
Today however, I removed the graphic from my page in light of the recent disturbing news surrounding the deaths of Benoit and his family.  Recent reports have found that Benoit supposedly strangled his wife with an electrical cord on Saturday, then suffocated his 7 year old son with a bag on Sunday, then hung himself on Monday.
My son is an avid wrestling fan, thus my interest in Benoit's death in the beginning.  But as a survivor of domestic violence and as an advocate for helping abused women and children, I cannot and will not post any kind of memorial for someone that would harm their wife and child. 
This is all too prevalent in today's society.  Just days ago the pregnant mom that was missing was found dead and her boyfriend has been charged with her murder as well as the murder of her (and HIS) unborn child.  Can someone say Lacy Peterson???  And it was just on the news the other day that some man shot and killed his wife and 3 children in their SUV.  This type of thing has become so common place it's scary. 
Has today's society sent the message to men that if you're not happy with your wife and family, then don't leave them....just kill them???  One news report I read said that they thought Chris Benoit hung himself on Monday because he just "couldn't live with what he had done".  Well......duh.  I suppose if I murdered my family I would have a hard time living with myself too. 
What type of person could harm a woman that they supposedly love (and by the way if they don't love her.....hello....there's another way out....it's called divorce!) and who could harm their own child??  How could you take someone else's life??  Especially people that are your family?? 
I'm sure I'm gonna get some flack over this because forgiveness is a Christian attribute.  I have no problem with forgiveness.  Forgiveness is somewhat easy.  Forgetting, on the other hand, can be quite difficult.  And UNDERSTANDING can be darn near impossible. 
I mean do we really live in such a "disposable society"?  Is the human life really valued that little??  It just disturbs me.  Chris Benoit may have been an excellent, well respected wrestler.  But in my opinion, he must not have been much of a MAN.
Sorry this was so long.  I would really love to hear your thoughts on this.  Anyone got anything they would like to share??????

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