Sunday, September 02, 2007

Fw: Subject: FW: Prayer request!


we verified that the information below is indeed true,unfortunately.  This is not a rumor.
> Please add this family to your prayer list.
>>>> Ginger Thompson 08/30/07 9:09 AM >>>
> I received this email from my husband this morning. It is in reference
> to the Clemson University student who passed away.  Please pray for
> this family.  I can't imagine what they are going through.
> Ginger
> Greetings to all, Thanks for your thoughts and prayers for the Moxie
> family.  Please continue to pray as their situation has gotten worse
> since yesterday.  In addition to Amy who died at Clemson on Tuesday,
> there are 2 other daughters; Lindsey, who is a sophomore at Clemson
> and an older daughter, Megan.  On Wednesday (today), Megan had what
> was thought to be a migraine headache triggered by emotions.  She was
> taken to Greenville Memorial Hospital and treated for a migraine.  Her
> parents, Anne and Jim, were told she would be sedated for a few hours
> so they left to go make funeral arrangements for Amy.  In the meantime
> they were called to be told that Megan had a blockage in a main vessel
> in her brain and would require emergency brain surgery.  As I am
> writing this, Megan is in surgery and the seriousness is not yet
> known.  Because of this, the funeral services are not yet made for
> Amy.  Please pray for this family.  All of you with children can only
> imagine what they must be going through.  I spoke with Anne's sister,
> Fran, (who is a very close friend of mine) tonight and she said the
> whole family is in complete shock with all that is going on.  I cannot
> even begin to think what they must be going through with the sudden
> death of one child on one day and another child undergoing emergency
> brain surgery only 24 hours later.
> Please pass this on to all of our friends who believe in the power of
> prayer.


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Anonymous said...

Feeling forgotten about... I pray for you often... An "Angel". or maybe the devil... :-)

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