Monday, October 04, 2004

A few things to shout about....

I realize I have already posted once today, but I felt led to just give a few updates....
Thank you all for praying for my friend, Terra, and her newborn son, Corey.  Both are out of the hospital and doing well.  The doctors think the stroke may have affected the part of Terra's brain that controls her memory.  But I have claimed The Blood for COMPLETE and TOTAL healing for her.  God doesn't do anything half-way!!!
I want to thank God again, for being an On-Time God in my life.  He sent me a job just when I needed it the most and is constantly working out ways for me to get my bills paid.  God is good! 
A friend of mine who had backslidden on God has gotten back and church and given his heart back to the Lord.  He is still going through a hard time right now though, because his wife left him.  So please pray with me that God would strengthen and encourage him and that He would heal his family and marriage.  God always knows just how to get you to look up to Him, doesn't he?  But I praise the Lord that my friend is now back in church where he belongs and is headed the right way.  The road isn't easy, but it sure can be joyful if you will hold fast to our great and mighty Savior!
I am just always in awe of the miracles God continues to work in our lives.  We are so unworthy, so undeserving; yet He continues to bless us in extraordinary ways.  (And usually just when we least expect it!)
I have a few more things that I would like you all to agree with me in prayer for.  I am going to make a short list and you can pray and do as God leads you.  Thank you all for everything you do.  Prayer Warriors are the best friends to have!!!
**Pray for my friend, Jeremy, that he would get back in church and serve God
**Pray for my friend, Michelle, who will be having a hysterectomy 10/5/04 (today) and pray that she and her family would get in church and put God first in their lives.
**Pray that my job would continue to work out well and that it would become permanent.
**Pray for my friend, Debbie, that God would heal her body.
**Pray for my friend, April, that God would bring her back to Him.
**Pray for our singing group "Lighthouse" as we are scheduled to go into the recording studio in 2 weeks to make a CD.
**Pray for my brother, Brian's grlfriend, Alyse, that God would touch her and speak to her.  Pray that He would give her strength and encouragement.
**Pray for my friend Teresa who is scheduled for surgery the week of Halloween.
Prayer is a mighty, powerful thing.  Thank you for taking the time to agree with me in prayer.  And if there is something you need help praying for, please email me.  That is something we should all be doing for one another:  PRAYING!  I want to leave you with the words of a favorite song of mine.  Thank you and until next time, be blessed.....
The crowd was great
But she knew she had to reach Him
For this was her last hope
Of ever being healed
So she pressed through
Until she touched His garment
Oh, and right then and there
Her miracle was fulfilled
Have you prayed and prayed
But still you've heard no answer
Has your faith grown weak
And you feel you're all alone
Don't give up
For the God you serve won't leave you
There's a miracle for you
Just keep holding on
There's a miracle in the making
One just for you
The Father is working even now
Your prayers have been heard
And the answer's on the way
There's a miracle in the making for you today

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