Wednesday, July 11, 2007

pray for little Skylar-Jade (she is only 4 yrs old and dying)

This is a prayer request on Will you please join me in praying for this person?  look for the link below and go pray and light a candle for her (you don't even have to sign up):
Please pray for my dying little girl..Skylar~Jade
Skylar~Jade is 4yrs old and is dying from an unoperable brain tumor...May 2007 her drs have given her only 2-4 weeks to live...she is fighting so hard...PLEASE PRAY FOR HER HEALING MIRACLE AND "one more day"....thank-you and God Bless You all...Heaven is STILL listening...ConnieJo(her mommy)
I have added this one other prayer as it is so important to be able to let her have one thing to bring her happiness in her days...please pray some one can help...
I have been trying to get Skylar~Jade a "special needs "stroller so I can take her for walks....her wheelchair does not have a canopy for protection from the elements...and it is to uncomfortable for her head as it vibrates to's also hard to find one that is for older children...she weighs 30pds and is 41 inchs long....and it needs to recline some...maybe someone would be able to help me...she can not cry.....but she enjoys being outside and feeling the fresh air and wind blowing her hair..I have Ms and lupus and there is no income since she was dx last May.The strollers cost $500-1000( it would take an earthly miracle for me to get her one...But please continue to pray....Love and Blessings.....ConnnieJo
Her Trust Fund:
Bank of Wolcott/SKYLAR MAXSON FUND/116N.6th Street/ Monticello,Indiana 47960

For cards and gifts:
Skylar~Jade Maxson
438 Walnut Street
Monticello,Indiana 47960
You can also help Skylar~Jade's need for the "special-needs' stroller by going to where it is listed as a wish...they grant wishes that have the highest votes...the registration is simple and free....and voting for her wish is free...the name of her wish is...angelsforskylar...thank-you so much..
angelsforskylar, Monticello,Indiana
If you go to this link you can light a candle for this request so more will pray with us:
Please forward this message to as many people as you can.
Thank you and God bless.

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