Friday, July 22, 2005

Closed Doors

This was sent to me in an email from my friend (and cousin) Angela.  I couldn't have written it better myself.  I thank God for all the doors He has closed in my life.  It all goes to show that it's about PERSPECTIVE.  Sometimes we don't always see things as they really are.  As I have said so many times, God sees "the big picture".  Here is the email.  I hope it blesses you as it has me.
Praise Him for Closed Doors

I've learned to praise the Lord as much for a closed door as I do an
open door. The reason God closes doors is because He has not
prepared anything over there for us. If he didn't close the wrong
door we would never find the right door. God directs our paths
through the closing and opening of doors.

One door closes; it forces you to change your course. Another door
closes; it forces you to change your course again. Then finally you
find the open door and you walk into your blessing. The Lord
directs our paths through the opening and closing of doors, but
instead of praising Him for the closed door (which keeps us out of
trouble) we get upset because we "judge by appearances."

You have an ever-present help in the time of need who is always
standing guard. Because He walks ahead of you, He can spot trouble
down the road and set up a roadblock or detour accordingly! But
through our lack of wisdom, we try to tear down the roadblocks or
push aside the detour sign. Then the minute we get into trouble we
start crying "Lord how could You have done this to me?" We have got
to realize that the closed door can be a blessing. Didn't He say
that No good thing will He withhold from them that love Him?

If you get terminated from your job - praise God for the new
opportunities that will manifest themselves - it might be another
job, it might be school. If that man or woman won't return your
call - it might not be them, it might be the Lord setting up a
roadblock (just let it go).

We can sometimes trap ourselves in doubt and discouragement through
judging by appearances. I'm so grateful, my friends, for the many
times Our Father has closed doors to me just to open them in the
most unexpected places. The Lord won't always say in spoken words:
"Go to the left, now to the right" - sometimes! He will just close
the wrong doors.

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