Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Dealing with loss

One of my very best friends lost a close family member recently.  They are a very private person so I don't want to put their name on here, but please say a prayer for that family.  God knows who they are.  It is always hard when we lose a loved one to death.  We have joy and can take comfort in the fact that they are better off if they have been saved.  Because a person who knows Jesus as their Saviour is with Him as soon as they leave this world.  But we are only human and we miss that person being in our lives.  Praise God that if our loved one has been saved and we have been saved, we will meet them again one day in Paradise.  If you have loved ones that have gone Home to be with the Lord, but you yourself have not accepted Jesus as your personal Saviour, I encourage you to read How To Be Saved by going to http://www.geocities.com/lighthousebaptistchrch/howtobesaved
Don't let that family circle be broken!  For those of us that have been redeemed, death is only the beginning!  A better (perfect) world awaits us!  I thank God for His mercy and grace by which I was saved.  I have a grandmother, a grandfather, a great grandmother, several aunts, uncles, and cousins, and many friends that I know are waiting for me in Heaven!  What a great reunion day that will be.  But we must remember to pray for the family and friends left behind where death has entered in.  So please remember my friend's family in prayer.  Thank you, and until next time, be blessed.............

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