Sunday, October 02, 2005


I just wanted to take a few minutes to share with you how blessed I am!!  Our church had our first service in our new building tonight.  We had such a wonderful service.  Our pastor, D.L., told everyone this morning that we need to bring Jesus with us when we go into our new building, and that is exactly what we all did!!  People were crying and shouting, laughing and clapping.  It was just wonderful!!  And I continually stand in awe of all the wonderful things that God does.  We are all so unworthy.  Sometimes I feel like Paul when he said he was the "chief of sinners".  I lived such a wicked life during the 3 years I had walked away from the Lord.  But by God's mercy and grace, He welcomed me back to Him and I have grown so much since then.  When I say "grown", I don't mean physically, I mean spiritually.  And my family is so blessed to have been led to Lighthouse Baptist Church.  I know that God put me there for a reason, and it just lifts me up to see all the ways God has blessed our church.  Things just keep getting better and better!!  Don't get me wrong....I know there will be hard times and bad times, but God is always right there with us, and I know He will continue to use us to do a work for Him.  I am just blown away at how God has opened so many doors for our church.  We just continue to grow and I know God is not through with us yet!!!  I can't wait to see what He has in store for us next!! 
Please continue to keep me, my family, and my church in your prayers.  I want to be all that God would have me to be!  Until next time, be blessed....

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