Saturday, October 29, 2005 "Ebay" email scam! Please Read!

This is an email I sent out to everyone on my email list, but I thought I should put it on my Blog in hopes that more people may see it.  Hope it helps someone!
I thought it would be prudent to send this to everyone I know and hope that you will share it with others.  I received the email below and thought that it was an actual email from Ebay.  It brought me to a page to sign in, which I did (It looked just like an Ebay page!) but then it brought me to a page asking for my credit card number associated with my account.  I backed out at that point because something didn't seem right.  I immediately went to Ebay and changed my password.  After looking at their "help" section, I realized this was a spoof email trying to gain sensitive information by posing as Ebay.  It looks very convincing, though, so PLEASE be careful if you receive any email from "Ebay" and keep in mind this information listed on the REAL Ebay site:

Be sure you are on an eBay page

Before signing in, please check the Web address in your browser. If you click on a link in an email, verify that the Web address in your browser is the same as the address shown in the email. The Web address of eBay sign-in pages begins with: Never type your eBay User ID and password into a Web page that doesn't have '" immediately before the first forward slash (/).

Some members have reported attempts to gain access to sensitive information through email requests that are made to appear that they were sent from eBay. These requests often include links to Web pages that will request that you sign in and submit information. At eBay, we identify these as 'spoofed' email or Web sites.

eBay will never ask you to provide credit card numbers or other sensitive information through email. If we request information from you, we will always direct you back to the eBay site. With very few exceptions, you can submit the requested information through your "My eBay" page. If you have received email requesting that you sign in or provide personal information that you suspect was not sent by eBay, please refer to the following information.

Take caution with email that includes attachments or links

eBay will not send you email that includes attachments and you will not be required to enter information on a page that cannot be accessed from the eBay site. If you receive a message that appears to have been sent from eBay that includes an attachment, do not open it.

If you are ever unsure whether or not an email was really sent from eBay , you should avoid clicking links. Instead of clicking the link, you should copy the address and paste it into the Address/Location area of your web browser. While eBay may send email that contains links, the links are provided for convenience only. You will not be required to submit sensitive information if a direct link is provided to an eBay page.

The email I received is below, so take a look at it and don't fall for this scam!!  If you want to know more, just visit and check in their help section regarding "spoof emails".
God bless!!
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Saturday, October 29, 2005 10:24 AM
Subject: Message ID 730000 - Client's Details Confirmation

Attention id number: 5397442

Dear customer. Please read this message and follow it's instructions

Unauthorized Account Access

We recently reviewed your account, and we suspect an unauthorized ATM based transaction on your account. Therefore as a preventive measure we have temporary limited your access to sensitive features.

To get started, please click the link below:

Click Respond Now for update your information.


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