Friday, November 17, 2006

Prescription Drugs

I just wanted to share some information with all of you that I have found out.  My husband takes several different kinds of prescription medicines so I have been doing some research on ways to save money on the medicines.  Here's some great info I found:
Wal-Mart offers several different GENERIC medicines at only $4 each!!  One of my husbands, we had been paying over $30 for and now we are getting it for $4!!!!!
Just go to and click on the link for the $4 generic drug list.  If any of your medicines are on there you may want to think seriously about transferring them to Wal-Mart.
Also if you don't have any kind of prescription drug insurance coverage, you can go to and enroll with just your first and last name and email address (optional) and you can print out a drug savings card right then.  One of my medicines is not covered under the $4 Wal-Mart plan, but with this card I save about $13.
I just thought this info was too good not to share and I hope that it helps some of you.  You may want to pass this on to anyone you know that spends a lot of money on prescriptions or does not have insurance.  (Even if you have insurance, $4 is cheaper than the usual $10-$25 copay!!)  Every little bit helps!!
God bless you all.

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