Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Sad news.....

A long-time friend of mine passed away Monday evening. Linda "Lynn" Carter was 41 years old and leaves behind 4 beautiful children aged 6-19. I haven't been told yet what the arrangements are going to be, but please pray for this family. This was very unexpected.

My heart is so burdened right now because I had been friends with Lynn since 1998 and it is really hard to believe that she is no longer here with us. But I am praying hard that God would use this situation to do something really wonderful. Out of the darkness, Jesus is our Light. So just please be praying. And if you don't mind, please pass this along to anyone you know that can get a prayer up.

Thanks and God bless,

P.S......This is why we should always tell people how much they mean to us. Because none of us are promised tomorrow. I am sitting here thinking now that I wish I had talked to Lynn recently so I could have told her I loved her. Don't let time pass by without letting people know how much you care about them. Give people their flowers while they are living!!

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